Chef Zhang’s Menu for Economics

Everything from the appetizers, main courses and desserts is homemade with professional guidance. The chef loves trying out new things, so menu would be seasonally adjusted. Please check back regularly!

Chef’s Special: Bayesian Econometrics, Casual Inference, Machine Learning;

Appetizers (Undergrad Teaching)

Fall 2019

Spring 2020

Winter 2021

Winter 2019, Winter 2020

Summer 2020

Spring 2021

Main Courses (Research)

Analytical Report of a Social Network Dataset

  • Explored characteristics of vertices and edges, built three models (KNN, Multinomial Logit Lasso, Random Forest) to predict users’ country of registration with 150 user attributes;
  • Presented network topology graphs using Gephi for stratified samples with 40,000 users;
  • Fitted observed network with the Exponential-family Random Graph model and interpreted the results.

Bayesian Analysis of Purchase Model based on Gaussian Copula with Sample Selection

  • Proposed a two-dimensional Gaussian Copula structure with sample selection to evaluate the relationship between consumers’ brand choices and purchasing quantities;
  • Applied Bayesian method to efficiently estimate model parameters using simulated dataset.

NLP with three Supervised Learning Methods

• Used the IMDb reviews data, trained a model on 50,000 sample points with natural language features and binary sentiment polarity labels. Explored classification models including Naive Bayes Classifier, Random Forest Classifier, and Convolutional Neural Network.

Sustainability of the Unified Resident Basic Pension Insurance system in China

  • Compared with traditional pay-as-you-go system, analyzed the characteristics of a partially-funded mode of the unified urban & rural resident’s basic pension insurance system in China. Ran mechanism analysis;
  • Derived original formula of the pension fund’s balanced-budget based on policy documents, assigned value in a few of fixed grades and did simulation calculations. Showed that recent pension fund system in China was sustainable;
  • Researched chaos of multi-insurance in the unified urban & rural resident’s basic pension insurance system under the age of urbanization based on the formula and provided a few of policy suggestions.

Desserts (Internships )

Summer Research Intern

  • Interned at National Human Development Report Team, engaged in the formulation of UNDP’s flagship publication HDR in China;
  • Participated brainstorming, discussion and consultations with partner agencies and think tanks;
  • Collected data, conducted theoretical, policy and quantitative analysis that contribute to HDR research.

Research Intern
Kantar Health

  • Specialized in qualitative market research of health industries, ran projects with minimal senior supervision;
  • Conducted 60-minutes 1-on-1 in-depth interview among espiratory specialist from Class 3 general hospitals in clients’ target hospital list.

Business Development Intern
China Telecom Americas (CTA)

  • Launched Q&A customer group chat on Wechat and other social media channels, cooperated with other business analysts to solve multiple crisis public relation problems;
  • Increased brand and offer awareness, purchased consideration through unique promotions. Edited 4 tweets or pushes on the official CTA Wechat Public Account with an average of 1,000 page-views;
  • Finished 57.58% KPI, issued 399 SIMcards (134.8% of year 2015), achieved a sales volume of 357 SIMcards (143.4% of year 2015) in the fall term of 2016. Achieved the top 10 best selling universities of the year in the United States.

Ascend Pan-Asia Leadership at Johns Hopkins Chapter

• Led a 70-member student chapter with a board of 12 vice presidents. Held network events in both DC and

Baltimore campus, invited guest speakers from industries to help students find internships and prepare interviews.

The 21st Informal Meeting of APEC Leaders

• Worked in the security and transportation group, was awarded the title of ”Star of Volunteer” during the service.

We are very strict about the sources of our ingredients. Passion and interests to cook economics would ensure the sustainability of the restaurant.

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